Saturday, September 17, 2011

El Porveir - Photo-Video w/Audio

Here's a link to what Meghan put together from her photos and audio recordings at the El Porvenir Coffee Co-op and Community. It takes about 16 minutes to play - definitely worth the time if you're interested in what people can do with limited resources and wealth. 

About 3-1/2 minutes into the video you hear a reference to the landslide (lahar) cause by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 in the next village over. René of El Porvenir states that 2,500 people died in that landslide. I've created a Google Earth animation video showing some of the places we went to and the site of the 1998 lahar. This was a giant mudflow that buried two villages and killed about 2,500 people. Read more about that at:
or at
Note that the name "El Porvenir" was also used for a village a few miles away from the coffee co-op. This village was completely buried by the 1998 lahar, but the coffee co-op keeps the name.

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