Sunday, September 25, 2011

Betsey's Fund-raiser Yard Sale for JHC

Meghan wrote this:
Betsey made $183 for Jubilee House at her yard sale on Saturday (9/24/2011).  But there’s an even better story.  Back when Betsey was trying to raise the money to go to Nicaragua, Darren and Audrey (Betsey’s son and daughter-in-law) gave her a used Hyundai to sell.  The Soto family bought the car, and since then Catalina Soto has been making a little extra money cleaning for Betsey and Audrey.  When the Sotos heard about the need in Nicaragua, they wanted to help and brought a lot of items to sell at the sale.  But then Betsey’s husband Bruce got laid up with back trouble and Betsey thought she’d have to call off the sale.  The Sotos came to the rescue, offering to set up the sale and have their daughter Emmy stay all day on Saturday to help.  This wonderful connection between the Sotos and the Kenworthys is just one of the unexpected blessings of our trip to Nicaragua.

Our community of support for JHC is growing.  We got to talk to lots of people about Nicaragua at the sale, and many were moved to donate a little extra or pay more than we were asking for an item.  Betsey’s neighbors across the street, who Betsey hadn’t connected with in a long time, heard about Nicaragua and donated a TV and a sound system to the sale (both of which sold), and wouldn’t take any money for either.  It was a labor of love and felt like it from beginning to end.

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