Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good News about the Genesis Spinning Co-op

We recently received this from JHC:

The Genesis Spinning Plant building is now home to a new grinder that can do 4,000 lbs. an hour and mixer that can mix 2,000 lbs every 5 minutes, making cattle feed to 1) give jobs to the Genesis co-op folks while we wait on spinning machinery and 2) use up byproduct from our organic sesame and cottonseed. We don't actually have cattle, we're hoping other people do and they want to buy some feed! According to people who know more than we do (not hard to find) we can put 11 people to work full time on this and if we hit the price point (we think we can) sell like crazy during the dry season November to May. Tomorrow we're making 10,000 lbs of feed to test the market. If it goes well, we should start into full production soon to be ready when the market needs feed in November. (Oh, and P.S. another co-op is LENDING us the machinery, so the initial investment on this was LOW!). We're keeping fingers crossed!

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