Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Blog: A Real-Time Minute

Hello everyone, Tara here.
I have created this blog with the main purpose of - as the title suggests - recording and sharing the events of the Multnomah Monthly Meeting's delegation to Nicaragua. This blog will be a place for we - the delegates - to share thoughts, feelings, revelations, pictures, and everything else with out friends and family back home. I volunteered myself as overseer of the blog, and though I am not new to the blogosphere, I am not adept at the art of blogging. I will do my best. Stay tuned for further posts explaining a little more about who we are and what this delegation is all about.



  1. As you prepare to leave on your journey, I thought I'd post the traveling minute you will be carrying with you. We wish you well!

    Multnomah Friends Meeting
    4312 SE Stark Street
    Portland, Or 97215

    August 1, 2011

    Jubilee House Friends and others in Nicaragua:

    Greetings from Multnomah Friends Meeting in Portland, Oregon. We are pleased to introduce Portland Friends who have been led to visit and work with you at the Jubilee House community. You will discover our delegation is devoted, diverse and talented with many skills and interests. They are eager to listen and learn from you and to share their experiences with us here when they return.
    Thank you so much for embracing and welcoming them into your community.
    Our meeting has enthusiastically endorsed and supported the leading of the delegation. We are holding them and you in the Light as you spend time together and get to know each other through work and visiting.
    Our great hope, and theirs, is that this time with you will be the beginning of a spiritually rewarding, on-going relationship between us all.
    With warmest regards,

    Rick Seifert
    Multnomah Friends Meeting


  2. As I prepare to leave I think of and thank all the many people who have supported the delegation and made contributions to the Jubilee House Community and the many people they work with in Nicaragua.

    This is truly a unique moment in the history of Multnomah Meeting. In addition to changing us as individuals it will (already has) affect(ed) the meeting as a whole and the spiritual growth of everyone who attends MMM.

    I am leaving tomorrow (August 18), three days earlier than the rest of the group in order to take my daughter, Heather, to Oakland, CA. I will see everyone at the gate in Houston for the flight to Managua.

    Thanks again to all for making this work!


  3. Our thoughts are with you. Hope you all had safe and uneventful flights. We look forward to updates soon.

    Love, Sarah, Ken & Hayden Haynes

  4. So wonderful this blog was started! You are all on my mind. I'm looking forward to reading more of your journey and seeing photos! Also very much looking forward to your 9/11 presentation at meeting.

    I am with all of you in Spirit.

    Elizabeth (Fischer)